Pecorino, La Valle Del Sole, 2018

Pecorino, La Valle Del Sole, 2018

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2018 La Valle Del Sole, Italy

Grapes: Pecorino

Colour: White

Origin: Italy, Le Marche

ABV: 13.5%

100% Pecorino aged in stainless steel, on the nose you pick up hints of Jasmine and the taste is a little creamy with herby notes with a rich, dry finish.  - Perfect pairing - Pecorino cheese of course! Lacking that you can pair this with some grilled fish.
La Valle Del Sole which is a small producer based in the Le Marche region of Italy, east of Tuscany. This organic winery is run by two identical twin sisters who took over the winery from their parents, all the wines they produce are hand picked and hand harvested with all the Montepulciano grapes coming from old vines, some over 70 years old. 
Supplied By Jackson & Seddon
UK based importer of artisan, organic wine from small independent producers in Italy.  Jackson & Seddon choose to work with sustainable, boutique winemakers, because they put a great deal more love and passion into their work, which creates carefully crafted wines.